County of Messinia

Messinia is located in the northwest corner of Peloponnesus, Greece. A region of rare beauty, it is surrounded by the sea, with endless kilometers of sandy beach. It is the home of the Yalova biotope where rare birds gather. The river Neda flows through hills and canyons of wild beauty for over 20 kilometers.

Natural beauty aside, the region offers chalets for lovers of the quiet life, bars and clubs for those in search of modern entertainment and delicious finger food, a variety of wines, ouzo and sweets for those who seek gastronomical delights.

Pylos (12km.): Pylos enchants the visitor immediately, not only due to her long historical presence, but also with the unique natural environment. The island of Sfaktiria situated in the gulf protects the region at sea, as did the dominant Venetian Castle on land. The 4 kilometer wide island of Sfaktiria, serving as a breakwater, protects the port, making it one of the safest Mediterranean anchorages. Pylos is also considered a base for international scientific programs such as the Nestor and the Laertis.


Built amphitheatrically it is composed of a large square overlooking the port, a true Mediterranean picture. At the center of the square stands the monument of the Three Admirals, along with a Turkish and a Venetian canon. Finally, the many centuries- old maple trees casting their shade over the coffee tables create a unique spot to rest and enjoy a cup of thick, rich Greek coffee topped with delicious Greek sweets.

As a historical pointer, the Battle of Navarone took place in Pylos.

Also in Pylos, we find the Antonopouleio Museum which contains approximately 680 copper, stone, ceramic and various bone implements, dated from 3000 B.C. to the Roman Ages.

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Open Daily (except Mondays) 8.30-15.00

Daily Cruises: In the port of Pylos you will find small taxi-boats that organize daily cruises. They will take you from the port to the islands of Sfaktiria and Chelonaki, where you can visit the monuments of the battle of Navarone, a trip lasting 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Contact details: Tel. 27230.23.155

Methoni: The well known fishing village of Methoni, is just 10 kilometers from Pylos. At the end of the village, by the sea, you can find a well preserved Castle which is certainly well worth visiting. During the Medieval Ages Methoni was among the most important retail and naval Mediterranean centers.

Koroni: The narrow streets and cobble stone roads give Koroni a color of its own. Here you can buy excellent ceramics, as the region is well known for its ceramic production since the beginning of the 20th century. The Koroni Castle is an exquisite sample of Venetian architecture. It is one of the few castles whose interior is still kept intact along with its houses and temples.

NedaCanyon of Neda: Neda, the only Greek river with a female name can be found flowing through the counties of Ilia and Messinia. Surrounded by a beautiful forest, the rich vegetation is completed by the waterfalls and giant white boulders.