Messinia Local Products

Olive: The cultivation of olives is Messinias most important product. From these olives also, comes the excellent variety of olive oil known as “Koroneiki Poikilia”. You will find thousands of olive trees in Messinia. The cultivation is favored by the local climate since there is plenty of sunshine and the temperature rarely falls below 0°C.

Wines: Wine is the most important product of Messinia after oil. The factors that favor the cultivation are primarily the soil and the climate. Some popular Messinian varieties are the Cabernet, the Chardonnay, the Roditis and the Fileri. Messinian vineyards are planted amphitheatrically to receive plenty of sun. As a result, fine wines are cultivated, as has been historically noted since King Nestor’s time. You will find many local wineries to visit where you can tour around the facilities.

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